Volunteer Information


Volunteer Information for the Central Minnesota Miracle League

Miracle League Organization Chart

Descriptions of Volunteer Duties


  • Remove equipment from concession stand and hang on your respective dugout
  • Locate roster and clipboard from concession stand- check in players as they arrive
  • Determine batting order on roster and get the roster sheet to the announcer
  • Line up your players and prepare them for their name to be announced and then lined up on either the first or third base lines. Once the announcements are complete, the National Anthem is played.
  • Responsible for pitching to your own players on offense and float in the infield while your players on defense. There are usually volunteers to pitch if you do not feel comfortable pitching.
  • When the game is over, get your players lined up on their respective base lines and be prepared to shake hands with the other team.
  • Return clip board to concessions and dispose of the roster.
  • IF you are the final game, please collect all the gear, put it in the gear bags and return it to the concession stand storage room. (Please note bats and helmets are marked with an “A” or “B,” and please try to keep the gear organized.


  • Introduce yourself to your player and let them know you will be their buddy for the game.
  • Offer to go on the field and play catch, have batting practice, or spend time getting to know the player.
  • Prepare your player for the national anthem and having their name announced. All players will line up on the base line closest to their dugout.
  • On offense: When you are in the dugout, please prepare your player for their turn at bat. Help them get around the bases if necessary and protect them from getting hit by an errant throw or from another player at bat.
  • On defense: Protecting them is your top priority. You can help them field the ball and then turn it over to them to finish the play.
  • After the game is over, line up your player with the rest of the team for the honorary hand shake.
  • Clean up the dugout and confirm your player has their gloves, bat, etc..

Encouragement and praise goes a LONG way with all the kids. They enjoy this game and anything you can do to enhance their experience is appreciated.

Concession Stand

All items are to be given away- (ONLY charge the non-Miracle League customers)

  • Make sure the bathroom doors are open and that it is clean and ready for the use of the Miracle League players. They should be clean but if not, please wipe down sensitive areas with wipes.
  • Stock the shelves and organize the snacks for the display.

At the end of the night

  • Stock the refrigerator so that it is full and ready for the next games.
  • Make sure the overhead door is down and locked, lights off, and main door is locked.
  • Cean and wipe down stand – garbage out.


  • Remove cart with sound system from the concession stand and place it behind home plate.
  • Run orange electrical cord along the base of the fence and into the 3rd base dugout outlet.
  • Unlatch front and back of amplifier box and place it under the cart. Inside the back of the amplifier, remove small black pouch with microphone and MP3 cable. Also remove the microphone cable and plug in speakers. (To remove speaker cables from amplifier, pull back on blue sleeve and turn plug.)
  • Hang speakers as high on the fence as possible.
  • Once you have the rosters from the coaches, start the game as close to game time as possible.
  • Welcome the crowd to the game, Announce each team in order on the roster. When complete, play the national anthem.
  • As the announcer, keep the pace of the game in check, especially between innings.
  • When the game is over, please reverse the steps above.

Base Coaches & Umpires

  • Umpire should view player and determine if a tee is needed or if the player wants to be pitched to. Promptly remove the tee from home plate after the batter hits it so that players coming home have clear access.
  • Be as animated as possible to enhance the game.
    • Waiving players home or encouraging extra bases is great!
    • Calling a player SAFE, or shouting FOUL BALL is encouraged when appropriate.
  • Clear all bats from the home plate area and base coaches can keep an eye on the dugout area to keep the bats clear so there is not a tripping issue for the players.
  • If you are in the last game of the day/evening, help get the bats, balls, and equipment bagged up and returned to the concession stand.