A Miracle Field is a little league baseball field that is designed to be used by children with disabilities. The Miracle Field allows our special athletes the opportunity to play ball by removing the barriers of traditional fields. The entire field surface is made out of a rubber surface that cushions falls and prevents injury. The field surface is completely flat without barriers, allowing people using walkers, wheelchairs or with mobility challenges a barrier free playing surface. The entrances, exits, and dugouts are designed to be wider to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.

Without a Miracle Field, many of the area youth with disabilities would not have the wonderful opportunity to participate in organized baseball. The construction of our Miracle Field has allowed regional youth with disabilities the opportunity to have the same experiences as their peers. According to the Minnesota Department of Education the Miracle League of Central Minnesota has the potential to impact nearly 7,000 youth with disabilities in St. Cloud and the surrounding communities.

Our Mission

  • Provide opportunities for children with disabilities, to play baseball in an organized league.
  • Promote community involvement, support, and sponsorship for the Miracle League in St. Cloud and surrounding communities.
  • Provide the necessary maintenance of our facility that will continue to meet the unique needs of our Miracle League Players and their families.

We believe,